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The purpose of this web site is to show conservatives how we can join together to make the Republican Party the party of Reagan, and to ensure that our GOP (the Grand Old Party) is devoted to conservative principles.

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We cannot simply "hope" that those in Republican leadership will embrace our conservative values, we need to ensure that our GOP leaders are committed and effective conservatives. If not, then those leaders need to go.

Choosing effective conservative Republican leaders is a democratic process that begins at the local level - YES, at the local level. Unfortunately most Republicans have no idea how they can have a say at the local level and for most it is a complete mystery how the people who run the GOP got in a position to do so.

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Too often our GOP is run by so called moderate Republicans (aka RINO's - Republicans in Name Only). These Republicans are really wolves in sheep's clothing ready to compromise with liberal Democrats at every opportune moment. RINO's wield too much power and influence in our Republican Party and they do not represent what the majority of Republican voters believe.

Too many Republican leaders are insiders and party hacks who use their positions of leadership as a means for self advancement. These folks often stand in the way of the aggressive advancement of conservative political principles, ideas and candidates.

The answer for conservatives is not to walk away, the answer is to take over the GOP.

Many conservatives have become so frustrated by the GOP that they have turned to third party candidates. While we understand and share your frustrations with GOP RINO's and party hacks, the solution is NOT to withdraw in protest. Splitting the conservative vote simply hands elections over to Democrats and that is a colossal mistake. The solution is to politically organize at the grass roots level and take over the GOP.

REMEMBER: It's our party, it belongs to us and we need to take it back.

How did political hacks and RINO's get control of our party? It's really quite simple; they learned to play the political game and have used the party rules to beat us. But the rules are not that hard to understand and if you will take the time to learn those rules we can easily take over the GOP.

Understanding the rules is easy. CLICK HERE for the details.

Too many rank and file Republicans don't understand how their party works, how they can have a say in who leads the party, and the direction that the party takes. To play the game we must understand the rules of the game. You can have a much better team but if you don't know the rules the other team will beat you with the rules.

For too long Republican Party hacks have hidden the rules from party members. By keeping the rules a secret, they keep winning the game. In fact most Republicans don't even know the dates and times when the game is played, let alone how it is played. You can't win if you don't show up.

So that is what this web site is all about. We will teach you the rules of game (they're easy) and we will help you to help us organize a winning team. Together we can take over the GOP.

IMPORTANT: This doesn't require your money it requires your time.

CLICK HERE to learn the rules of the game for your state

NOTE: This site was begun by Kentucky Republicans but we suspect that the GOP rules here in Kentucky are pretty much the same in most states. We are happy to work with Republicans in other states and we are prepared to adapt this site to help you. If you are a Republican outside Kentucky, CLICK HERE and tell us who you are, where you are and we will help you launch a chapter of for your state.

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