It's time for Conservatives to
          Take Over the GOP
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Conservatives are upset. They are showing up by the hundreds and thousands at tea parties and town hall meetings, angry that their liberties are being hi-jacked by socialists who are bankrupting our country and the futures of our children and grandchildren. Conservatives want to do something about it.

But what can we do?     How can we make a real and lasting difference?

Apart from making our voices heard, and working hard to get conservatives elected to Congress in 2010, we believe that conservatives need to take over the Republican Party and once again make it the party of Reagan. If you are a conservative the Republican party is your party, and you need to take it over.

Ronald Reagan was a popular president because his commitment to conservative ideas and principles made us a better country. Why? Because conservative ideas and principles work every time that they are tried. And when we abandon those conservative principles we should not be surprised when things head in the wrong direction.

Not only has the country abandoned our conservative roots, so has the party of Reagan. What can we do to turn the Republican party around?

The answer is so simple. Conservatives need to take over the Republican Party. This site is devoted to providing you with help to that end. Taking over the GOP is easy, you just need to understand HOW it is done.

To learn more about how to take over the Republican party, CLICK HERE for details.